A Little Bit About us...


Domenic Caniglia

10/19/20233 min read

Originating from an innovative concept conceived during an extended layover, two determined individuals resolved to address a pressing issue. We were frustrated by the absence of a thriving ski community in Boston and recognized a stark contrast between our city and Denver, a bustling metropolis similarly located a few hours away from the mountains. While Denver flourished with a robust ski economy, encompassing everything from ski shops to skiing media enterprises, Boston found itself lacking in such endeavors.

Enter myself, Domenic Caniglia, and my best friend, Adam Towey, the self-referred, visionary, co-founders of Boston Ski Co. Fueled by our passion and determination, we embarked on a mission to rectify this disparity. Our brainchild? An all-encompassing platform, meticulously designed, to bridge the existing gap and serve as homebase for the Boston skier. Also, a point of clarity, we are not a ski shop, we are a lifestyle. We are shining a light on the lifestyle of the Boston skier because we believe there needs to be a unifying community for them. This platform serves as a catalyst, enabling individuals to unite and cultivate the sense of community that Boston so direly lacked. With Boston Ski Co., we are embarking on a journey to transform our vision into a reality by ushering in a new era for skiing enthusiasts in the heart of the city.

The Visionaries

It would take a lot to hold in a laugh after referring to us as visionaries because let’s face it, we aren’t. We are just two guys willing to make this all happen because this is something we believe in. I am the (sort of) brains of the operation, while Adam is the creative side of this endeavor. This allows us to have a yin and yang where I am able to figure out a way to make Adam’s wildest ideas come to life. All serious nonsense aside, we know how to ski. There's a solid chance that you have seen one of us blasting by you on a mountain this past winter.

Embracing the Winter Spirit

Bostonians are no strangers to harsh, unpredictable, winters. We are in the process of developing a comprehensive computer program in our conditions page that is curated to succinctly summarize the status of all New England ski areas. This initiative aims to provide a professional and user-friendly platform offering real-time updates and detailed information on skiing conditions across the region. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering accurate and timely summaries, ensuring that skiing enthusiasts have access to reliable data for planning their winter adventures.

Boston Ski Co. Swag

Whether it is wearing our vest (spoiler alert.) to your corporate job or sending it in our hat at the local bar on a Friday night, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality apparel to make sure you look good no matter what. Wearing the Boston Ski Co. logo is more than showing your support for a brand; it shows them that you are part of a community that is trying to give everyone a voice. We have also teamed up with local universities to sponsor their apparel to give them a sense of pride for being a skier in the Boston area.

Fitness Friday’s

Skiing is not only a fantastic cardiovascular exercise but also a great way to improve balance and coordination. Engaging in outdoor activities like skiing releases endorphins, reducing stress and promoting mental well-being. In a bustling city like Boston, having a ski community provides an excellent outlet for both physical and mental health. We have partnered with a local strength and conditioning coach to bring us bimonthly workouts to get you ready for the slopes and keep you there.

Fostering a Sense of Community

Participating in a shared passion like skiing fosters a strong sense of community. We are dedicated to providing numerous opportunities for people to connect and build lasting relations by offering local and mountain specific competitions, meet-ups, and local pop-ups. This sense of belonging strengthens the social fabric of the city.

Environmental Awareness

With the growing concern about climate change, a ski community in Boston can also serve as a platform for promoting environmental awareness. By embracing eco-friendly practices and supporting sustainable initiatives, the community can set an example for responsible recreation, encouraging others to follow suit.


While Boston might not be synonymous with skiing just yet, the potential for a vibrant ski community is undeniably present. By embracing the winter spirit, promoting physical and mental well-being, boosting the economy, fostering a sense of community, and promoting environmental awareness, Boston can truly benefit from the establishment of a ski community. It's not just about enjoying the slopes; it's about creating a legacy of winter sports enthusiasts who bring positivity, health, and togetherness to the heart of the city. This is what we are here to do, shaped by the people, made for the people. Boston Ski Co.