A Whirlwind of Events!

Read about our experiences at Snowbound and Country Ski and Sport Expos!


Adam Towey

11/15/20233 min read

Over the past 2 weeks, we were fortunate enough to be invited to the Snowbound and the Country Ski and Sport Expos. While it took a lot out of us, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our experiences at both. It all started, 6 days before Snowbound when we got the call to attend. Immediately following the call from the Expo organizers, we hopped on a call and tried to think about the logistics of how we are going to pull it off with 6 days’ notice. The next morning, we had sprung into action and ordered as much merch and promotional items as possible. Luckily enough, all the items came in on time and we pulled it off without any issues.

Snowbound was really a surreal experience for us. We not only learned a lot about our community, but a lot about ourselves. The biggest takeaway from Snowbound was that we had started something that was bigger than we ever could have dreamed of. The support we amassed was truly something we could not have even imagined.

Now, how did we parlay, one expo right into another as a first-year company you may ask? Well, we had met an amazing father son duo who loved the idea and the vision so much that they did everything they could to get us invited to the Country Ski and Sport Expo the following weekend. Bill and Will Conway, huge shoutout to you guys, we are extremely thankful for your support!!!

Now, the vibe of the Country Ski and Sport expo screamed grassroots. In our opinion, this felt like the way a ski expo should be… small, local, and filled with amazing people. We were only equipped to make it only on Saturday and Sunday, but we still made the absolute best of the time we spent there. This was the space we thrived in because we were able to have meaningful and thoughtful conversations.

Now that we have told you the more intimate details, allow us to talk more about our feelings about these events. (Sappy, I know) Both events were exhilarating and brought together a diverse array of individuals passionate about skiing and snowboarding. The atmosphere of both was electric, filled with the enthusiasm of both attendees and exhibitors eager to share their knowledge and experiences.

Meeting a multitude of new people was an enriching experience. Conversations flowed effortlessly, creating connections that transcended the confines of the event. From seasoned professionals to enthusiasts new to the scene, each interaction offered a unique perspective and a chance to exchange insights. Networking became more than just a formality; it evolved into an opportunity for collaboration and camaraderie.

The overwhelming support from the community was nothing short of incredible. There was a palpable sense of encouragement and camaraderie among participants, fostering an environment of mutual growth and learning. Whether it was sharing tips on the best skiing techniques or discussing innovative winter gear, the support was unwavering and uplifting. We seriously were overwhelmed at points with the support, and we want to reiterate how grateful we are for our newfound community.

Participating in these expos provided invaluable lessons about the intricate workings behind successful events. Learning on the fly became a necessity, but it was an exhilarating challenge. Understanding the nuances of organizing an expo, from logistics to attendee engagement, became clearer with each passing moment. Witnessing firsthand what it takes to orchestrate such a gathering was an education in itself.

The expos were not merely about showcasing products or services; they were about creating an experience. The dynamic nature of these events demanded quick thinking and adaptability, qualities that proved instrumental in ensuring a successful outcome. Moreover, the exposure to diverse perspectives and innovative ideas during these events sparked a continuous learning process. Understanding the needs and desires of the attendees and exhibitors was crucial. This insight allowed for the refinement of our approach, creating an environment where everyone felt engaged, valued, and eager to participate.

In the end, the Snowbound Expo and Country Ski and Sport Expo were more than just events; they were transformative experiences. The connections forged, the lessons learned, and the overwhelming support received left an indelible mark. The thrill of meeting new people, the exchange of knowledge, and the journey of creating a seamless, successful expo will remain a cherished memory and a steppingstone for the future endeavors of Boston Ski Co. We love you guys and look forward to seeing you all soon!